[to the requirements of the agent]:1. Good commercial reputation and sales ability.2. has certain economic strength, has channel product sales resources and operation experience.3. with smooth sales channels and a sound sales network.4. Strong management and market development capability.5. we have enough attention and loyalty to the brand we have launched, and have the determination to work together with our company for a long term and long-term cooperation.
[can provide support]:1. the company is committed to strict regional protection policy.2. good price protection: according to the price channel designed by the manufacturer to ensure the interests of distributors;3. the company unified import price, fully conducive to dealers, to ensure that the profits of dealers.4. the company provides a unified wide publicity materials, and through advertising channels to help distributors Develop the market.5. strong personnel support: manufacturers stationed full-time salesmen to help distributors Develop the market and maintain the market, follow up services;6. huge promotional support: terminal marketing products, the factory does not regularly carry out various forms of promotional activities;7. advertising brand support: timely advertising campaigns, promotional activities combined with media publicity, expand awareness.
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