The historical origin of Italy

The world of Italy is like a kaleidoscope of kaleidoscope. There are at least 500 kinds of varieties. With the combination of sauces, thousands of pasta can be made. It is the staple food of Italy.The origin of the Italy plain simply said that it originated in China and was brought back to Italy by Marco Polo and then spread to Europe as a whole.Some people claim that the Empire of Rome to solve the problem of population, food is not easy to save, came up with the flour, knead dough and then cut the dried Griddle Cake coup, which invented the famous delicacy PASTA (immortalized pasta).The earliest Italian pasta was shaped from 13 to fourteenth Century, and it was the most Italian pasta we had in twenty-first Century. After the Renaissance, the varieties and sauces of Italy became gradually enriched with art.The first pasta is such rub cut, cut the sun, when eating meat and vegetables, put together in the oven, so that many city streets on the Italy Peninsula, square, everywhere noodles, dry noodles people. It is said that the longest noodles are 800 meters. But because the pasta was initially cope with the food shortages, so popular is poor, but its delicious soon so that all the class can not resist.It's quite inconvenient to eat spaghetti with juice and water. Early people are caught with finger, after eating enough to lick ten fingers dipped in juice.In the middle ages, some of the upper class thought it was so indecent that they invented the fork and made the noodles roll into the mouth with four tines. The invention of forks was regarded as the symbol of the Western diet entering the civilized age. In this sense, the Italian face can not be done.The discovery of the new continent opens up people's imagination and brings more changes to pasta: two imported plants from America - peppers and tomatoes, are introduced into sauces.The tomato and the subsequent emergence of improved varieties in Italy, Napoli was first used for sauces collocation noodles, noodles made from this very popular, even the royal family and nobles have been attracted. Authentic Italy flour is pressed by copper mold, because of its thick, thick and convex, the surface is easier to paste sauce, make the taste and taste of taste better.By the end of the nineteenth Century, the three most famous pasta sauces were: tomato base, fresh milk base and olive oil base, which were blended with a variety of seafood, vegetables, fruits and spices to form complex sauces. Noodles are also varied, with slender, flat, spiral, butterfly and other shapes, and through the addition of pumpkin, spinach, grapes and other colorful species. According to statistics, there are more than 563 varieties of Italy noodles. But who would have thought that spaghetti was originally kneaded with feet? Because the dough is too big, you can't rub it with your hand.Until eighteenth Century, the health of King Ferdinando S of Naples was invited to work, the invention of the kneading machine.In 1740, the first factory built in the square noodle, the scene has since become history. The Italians love noodles seems innate, many people do the secret recipe on the shelf, not easily seen by others, even the pasta solemnly into the will. Noodles were mentioned in many operas and novels in the middle ages. The modern Italy national hero Garibaldi also served with noodles reward morale in the Po River, even Napoleon in March also take "eat noodles".In twenty-first Century, the annual output of spaghetti has reached 10 million tons. In Italy, you eat at least 28 kilograms of noodles per person per year. In the center of Rome near the presidential palace, and even built a museum come to have a unique style of noodles, in a continuous line. The museum has 11 exhibition halls, exhibition in different periods of the noodle products and processing equipment, from the earliest rolling pin, and the basin, to cut machine, noodle production line later on.  Many things vividly describe the development history of spaghetti for hundreds of years. Spaghetti has become the world's favorite today2013 world noodles Congress, up to 27 countries.  Spaghetti competition has become a reserved program during the famous "July 4th king of stomach" competition in New York, USA. The race in 2013 9 contestants in just 8 minutes to swallow 16.2 kilograms of noodles, the average person eats 1.8 kg; today in more than 100 countries in the world, you can find the trace of Italy, even outside the earth can also smell the smell of it -- the international space station's diet, spaghetti impressively.
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