How do you cook macaroni?

Macaroni is cooked, because macaroni is hard to cook. Put some oil and salt in the water before cooking, so the cooked pasta is delicious. The cooked pasta passes in cold water and then filters out. Approach: first boil a pot of water, then add a pinch of salt. Because of the salt, the macaroni is more elastic.Cooking time and cooking stew macaroni time would depend on the thickness of macaroni and more love; because foreigners eat tasty, hard pasta, so the cooking time suggested by pasta on the packaging bag may sometimes be shorter, and should therefore be to adjust the cooking time; cooked macaroni if not eaten immediately. After placing then flush, macaroni would revert to the original flexibility; or with a little oil fish, will not stick; used to boil macaroni water can be left to the next and then cooking, boiled pasta will be more fragrant.
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