What's the difference between spaghetti and macaroni?

Spaghetti, also known as spaghetti, is the most acceptable Chinese variety of Western food. As the legal raw material of Italy, Du Lan wheat is the most hard wheat variety. It has high density, high protein, high gluten and other characteristics. Its pasta is yellow, resistant to boiling and good taste. Therefore, authentic raw material is an important condition for Italy masks to have a good taste. In addition, mixing Italy noodles sauce is also more important. In general, the Italy pasta sauces are divided into red sauce (Tomato Sauce) (Pesto, Sauce), pesto sauce (Cream Sauce) and black sauce (Squid-Ink Sauce). Red sauce is mainly made of tomato based sauce, is currently the most likely made of pine nuts, basil pesto; grain, olive oil sauce, the taste is special and rich white sauce made with salt; cream based sauces, baked noodles, mainly for lasagna and seafood pasta sauce; black is the cuttlefish juice sauce, served in the main cuttlefish and other seafood pasta. The spaghetti flour is different from the flour we make in China, and it uses a kind of hard Dulin wheat, so it doesn't paste for a long time, and that's the biggest difference. And then it's a different shape, in addition to the ordinary straight body powder, there are screw type, bend type, butterfly type, shell type forest total number of hundred.Authentic pasta is al dente, is boiled halfcooked, bite up feeling a little hard, accustomed to the Plain Noodle Soup Chinese, are not in the habit of eating ~ ~ focus on pasta in boiling water when blanching, you must first add a teaspoon of salt in the water, accounting for about 1%, if less this action is only the appearance of a noodle taste and taste, bite inside feel no taste, and very delicious! Of course, adding salt also can also make surface texture more firm and elastic, and another trick is, blanched, to make noodles to maintain Q Jin, do not use this method of cold water, but to mix a little olive oil! At the same time if blanched face did not run, can also be mixed with olive oil to make it slightly dry to cold.Macaroni is the famous name in Italy. Macaroni is a famous pasta made in western countries. It has solid and hollow parts. Also known as macaroni, internationally known as wheat flour products is a kind of Caroni, using wheat flour as raw material. Macaroni juice can be kept in hollow macaroni, and it's not easy to eat. The method of making it is also very exquisite: boil water, put macaroni into the pot, boil repeatedly add cold water several times, until the macaroni boiled, picked up the dry water, put a proper amount of salt mixed, ready to use. Boil the water, put it in peas, and then remove the filtered water and cover the cooked macaroni. Prepare a few slices of beef, stir fry in the pan for a few seconds. Add a little oil into the pan, pour in the pasta, add water, salt, a little sugar, butter, taste and ketchup. It's important to add water. It should be about 2/3 of macaroni. Next, it's 20 to 30 minutes of continuous frying when the juice is gradually entering the hole in the macaroni. Then add beef, add MSG, stir fry for a few minutes, half pound of meat with cooking wine, soy sauce, salt mixed, add chopped chopped green onion and ginger. Heat the wok, put some oil, stir fry the meat stuffing, discoloration cooked, pour tomato sauce, stir fry the tomato sauce, till the color is dark red, slightly thick sauce pot, pour in the pasta, mix well. Or the meat sauce into the basin, when eating, according to each taste how much to take. After eating, let you endless aftertaste.The origin of macaroniIn eighteenth Century, Macaroni, the owner of a noodle and noodle patch near Italy, Naples, was playing with a patch of hollow strips and hanging on a rope when his little girl was playing. Will the cooked macaroni hollow mixed with tomato sauce. He then built the world's first pasta processing plant and named macaroni for his own name.Development of macaroniMacaroni is an international flour product, and China can introduce, digest and absorb Italy products. Our country used to translate it into "macaroni". In fact, it was also a noodle made from flour. Macaroni has a long history, as early as seventh Century BC, living in the north of Italy the Etruscans began making noodles. In 1000 AD, there was a special menu for macaroni in the Sicily. In 1740, the first macaroni factory was built in Venice. The macaroni has been continuously improved and developed in the course of thousands of years.
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